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Lyrical & Contemporary Dance in Southlake

Mixing ballet with Jazz and contemporary dance defines our lyrical dance classes in Southlake TX. Although these 3 styles may seem different, each of them stems from the same basic technique, form, and expression. At Studio A Dance, we offer a fusion of these styles with our lyrical dance classes, inspiring and encouraging dancers to be dynamic with their movements. Since 2009, we have been teaching students the art of lyrical dance, which is usually performed to instrumentation, and occasionally vocals, that complement the dancers' steps.

Lyrical Dance Classes in Southlake TX

An elegant and inspirational choice, our lyrical dance class is offered every day of the week, including Saturdays. Contact us today for more details about our weekly schedule. We focus on bringing out the emotion in all choreographed moves and teach our dancers how to make every move his or her own. Additionally, our instructors have completed all required training and are knowledgeable about the process of customizing the gestures of lyrical dance.

Since many of our students are young in age, we have developed a learning curve that is easy to comprehend, with ongoing practice, of course. Our lyrical dance classes are easily affordable and can be taken once a week, twice a week or even more frequently depending on the dancer's aspirations.

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Contemporary Dance: Southlake

Another favorite dance form offered at Studio A Dance, is contemporary dance, one of the most popular classes at our Southlake dance studio. An overlapping of Jazz, classical and modern dance, where leg movements are emphasized in the dance. More attention is also placed on the torso area as speed, rhythm and direction are tested while dancers aim to create characteristic and personalized improv moves.


Contemporary Lyrical Dance Class in Southlake TX

We blend lyrical dance aspects with contemporary, offering a combination of ballet and Jazz techniques with our contemporary lyrical dance class in Southlake TX. All ages and skill levels can be included in our classes, and everyone can participate in the preparations for a recital at the end of the class term. Fall registration for our contemporary lyrical dance class is now open.

Register now for one of our lyrical dance classes in Southlake. We train dancers from Keller, Grapevine, Colleyville, Trophy Club, Coppell, Dallas, Fort Worth, Frisco and Lewisville, Texas, and surrounding areas.