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Jazz & Tap Dance in Southlake, TX

Studio A Dance is the only dance studio to consider when you want the best in dance professionalism and quality. We are focused on helping dancers expand their knowledge as well as their physical abilities. Although we offer many types of dance options at our studio, our Jazz class in Southlake TX is a great choice for beginner or intermediate dancers.

Jazz Class in Southlake, TX

The elements of a Jazz class can be incorporated with any form of dance. This modern type of physical expression developed during the reign of Jazz music in the early 1900s, a musical form originating in New Orleans that quickly spread into a worldwide trend. Energetic and lively with choreographed routines. Keep in mind that our dance offerings do not involve any overtly provocative or sexual innuendos, and all Jazz class movements and costumes are appropriate for the professional atmosphere that we promote.

Couple Dancing - Jazz & Tap Dance Southlake TX

Contact us today to schedule your first Jazz dance session. We also offer children's Jazz classes in our mini Jazz class package, which introduces 5 year olds to the basic techniques and principles of Jazz dance as they learn key movements and develop their flexibility. One stage number is performed by students during our end-of-the-year Jazz class recital.

Southlake Tap Class

In Southlake, our tap class is also highly recommended. Affectionately identified as the cousin of Jazz, Tap is another specialty form of dance expression. In literal terms, dancers actually move around while tapping their shoes against a hard surface to a syncopated or steady beat, alluding to the idea of making music on the run. Tap dancers can also learn how to randomly incorporate sliding and stomping as part of our children's tap class lessons.


Lyrical Jazz Dance in Southlake, TX

Studio A Dance also offers classes for lyrical Jazz dance in Southlake, TX for new and intermediate dancers. This type of dance is similar to ballet; however, there is an unlimited freedom of expression in the dancer's movements. That's why it's more closely related to the Jazz genre. Musicality and emotions are combined with intricate and technical moves to express direct feelings via spontaneous movement in lyrical jazz dance.

Jazz, Tap and lyrical dance classes are offered to dancers in Southlake, Keller, Grapevine,
Colleyville, Trophy Club, Coppell, Dallas, Fort Worth, Frisco, Lewisville, TX and surrounding areas.
Contact our dance company today to sign up for your respective dance lessons.