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Ballet in Southlake, TX

Ballet is a much-admired form of dance that became relevant during the 15th century and still has a place in today's world as a beautiful, classical performance art. It's technical, yet creative, allowing both young and old dancers to further improve on their techniques as the years progress. At Studio A Dance, we offer ballet lessons in Southlake for anyone who wants to practice this particular style of choreographed dance. Although it's best to start early, there is no specific age requirement set in place.

Studio A Dance Studio in Southlake, TX

We have a qualified staff of instructors with many years of applicable experience. Our founder, Anita Conley, has 35 years of experience alone. We offer classical, neoclassical and contemporary ballet lessons at our professional dance studio, which fosters a positive environment for all of our students. Dance instructors in our classes at Studio A Dance teach students the fundamental techniques and forms that pertain to each ballet style.

Our ballet lessons assist with body control and balance and also aim to inspire dancers to extend their range of movement. If you are an adult who wants to test the limits of your flexibility or if you know a young child who has expressed interest in becoming a ballet dancer, we can make their dreams a reality.

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Ballet Classes for Children & Adults in Southlake, TX

Contact us today to sign up for one of the ballet classes that we offer for children and adults in Southlake TX! We equip dancers with the tools they need to perform, on a local level with our Southlake dance company, or even a national level, from music videos to Broadway stages. There is no limit to what can be achieved for students enrolled in one of our Southlake children's ballet or adult ballet classes.

Studio A Dance prides itself for standing out from other dance studios in the area. No one else offers our same level of passion and commitment to high-quality classes and the chance to perform in a dance company. Plus, our classes are affordable!  Students and parents can always depend on us to conduct ballet classes that are engaging and fun. Our instructors offer straightforward, constructive advice to help our dancers improve and perfect their personal ballet form. The sooner you start, the more time you will have to witness your own or your child's advancement in ballet. Invest in your passion and register for our ballet classes today!

Have an interest in ballet and want to practice a classical, long-time performing art? Contact us
today for ballet lessons in Southlake. Dancers from Keller, Grapevine, Colleyville, Trophy Club,
Coppell, Dallas, Fort Worth, Frisco, Lewisville, TX and surrounding areas are welcome to sign up!